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this website is currently under construction
happy to present the accomplished version by the end of March 2016!

mia legenstein upcoming music gigs:


2015 october 29 vienna

film director: umut dag

video: wolfgang semlitsch

cam 1: robert oberrainer
cam 2: christian flatzek

sound design: kerstin koppi, mia legenstein
sound mix & mastering: kerstin koppi

field sound recording: sebastian kraync, lukas handle
studio sound recording: sebastian kraync
special thanks to prof. dr. emil lubej & prof. dr. ing. arnold esper (university of vienna - departement of music)

styling: julia rupertsberger
special thanks to the designer: anna aichinger, danijel radic
make-up & hair: alexandra elena
production coordinator on shooting day: maria reitzinger

photos on set: michael bednar-brandt
cover photo: wolfgang steiner




now online: Yes2No

video installation

comments are welcome on:

the project's official video clip:

concept & realisation: mia legenstein & oliver irschitz

Video: Sylvia Eckermann
Photos: Wolfgang Zajc
Make-Up: Anita Obi
Model: Maria
Styling: Oliver Irschitz
Sound: Mia Legenstein
Mix & Mastering: Kerstin Koppi


more information: www.yes2no.org

more interventions in public spaces are planned. check on website!
cooperations are welcome!!!

flyer design by flora klonner


A man of dignity and passion. A great example for engagement and moral courage! He has dedicated his life to humanity and peace! Let's be inspired by him!

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